Thursday, February 20, 2014


   On Friday Feb. 7th we will go on exchanges! I am excited but honestly a bit nervous too. This will be the first exchange where I will be in my area and the only person who speaks SPANISH! Ah! :S Please pray for me! I know the Lord will give me aid and I LOVE exchanges anyways, so I don’t fear too much, but the prayers are still needed.
   Oh…I got called to pray in Sacrament Meeting! It shouldn’t have scared me, and it didn’t until I started speaking. I am still such a “greengo.” Also, the other missionaries were translating so that scared me too! I hope I made enough sense! Everyone in the Branch was nice and supportive though. I could not ask for better members to work with!!

   Sister Quinn wrote: “The other day, in Branch Correlation, our Mission Leader said to us all, ‘You know, I was talking to my wife and we were speaking about how impressed we are by Sis. Phipps. She may not speak the language perfectly yet, but it doesn’t matter because her Spirit is so Strong.’” 


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