Thursday, February 20, 2014


   Reflect back with me to my first day in my area. We were heading home and Hermana Quinn told me about how Costa Vida was half off for missionaries and she took me there. Well, Costa Vida just got new owners and now give 70% off! Our area was reduced last transfer so Costa Vida is just outside our area, so we can only go there on the way to mission meetings and on P-days. Well, last week we got to go. As we were walking in, Hermana Quinn told me that there was a worker there that spoke Spanish and she always orders her food in Spanish. He was there and I got to order in Spanish! Funny thing though… Hermana Quinn ordered EXACTLY the same thing I wanted so every time he asked me what I wanted I said, “Yo tambien.” (Me too!) He thought it was HILARIOUS! So every time after, he always laughed and said, “Yo tambien” twenty times.  BUT… the big MIRACLE is that the new owners are closing their restaurant on Sunday! We were able to talk to Jesus who told us that he can now come to church because he does not have to work on Sunday. AND… he set up an appointment to come on a church tour tomorrow! He is so great and I couldn’t be more excited!!! 

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