Thursday, February 20, 2014


On Monday I fell two times on ICE! Ha ha! One time I fell underneath the car. Sister Quinn is a PRO at never falling and this morning she fell for her second time this week, so officially it is super slippery right here, right now! It is because it keeps on snowing and then raining and freezing on the snow! But it keeps us alert!
   Driving conditions got so bad that Hermana Quinn (who learned to drive in Texas where it is warm), called the mission office and asked for permission for me to drive until the streets cleared! So I got to drive for 3 days and I LOVED IT!
   We have really handled some very slick snow. Hermana Quinn is doing really well as the driver. She keeps on suggesting that I drive again, but I think it is best for her to gain the experience of driving in SNOW!

   We were told one day not to use our cars until the roads were cleared. This is rather tricky since we live in the wilderness and the roads never get plowed! So, just as long as it is mostly safe to drive, we do. Then, knowing we would be home for the full lunch hour, we went SLEDDING!... because Sister Quinn and Sister Ridge have never gone before. It was interesting to see what sledding clothes I could find!?! Brother Falstrom might be the greatest 70 year old member I know. He made us a sledding path on the huge slope he has in his yard. He just jumped on the sled on his stomach and made his way down. He is the healthiest person I know.   

   At the beginning of February, it SNOWED!! A LOT!! A Whole Lot!! And one day it was very slippery! I fell a dozen times! Ha ha… but falling isn’t too bad. Car sliding is BAD though. We live on top of this HUGE mountain and when we were driving up on Wednesday we started sliding back down the hill and began to turn towards the cliff. I WAS SO SCARED! Luckily the car drifted into a snow bank and Brother Fallstrom saved the day. He was clearing the driveway when it all went down. He got in the car and we pushed and directed it all the way down the hill for a half hour. It is amazing all the things I can do in a skirt!!

    The Lord moves in Miraculous Ways. It is interesting how He answers prayers! Almost every day I pray that people will be put in our path that the Lord needs us to talk to. Yesterday we got REAR-ENDED in the SNOW. I knew it was coming with all this snow. BEST THING EVER THOUGH! It did no damage to the car, and when we got out we started talking to the woman. She moved to Spokane just two days before and she is a less active member. She hasn’t been to church for years. While Sister Quinn called the mission office to report the wreck, I got to talk to her. We had the best conversation. She had actually just been given a Book of Mormon two weeks ago by a friend and had been having feelings that she needed to go to church. Then she said, “The Lord has really been directing me lately! Then He literally had me run into the missionaries. I know He loves me and He wants me back. I’ve turned away from Him for a while, but I am done with that.”
   It is strange, half the people we talk to end up being less actives, which is logistically not possible, but I know the Lord has us cross paths with them. Miracles!!


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