Tuesday, February 11, 2014


   So, here is a story: Hermana Quinn has been praying that our investigators who were supposed to leave for Venezuela for a month, would stay if it was Heavenly Father’s will. They were supposed to leave tomorrow. So, today, we went to give her the address for the Church in Venezuela, and she told us she wouldn't be able to go as planned because her husband’s passport did not come in time! 
Strong Prayers and Faith make things happen!   

   So, just another reminder that PRAYERS work. What a powerful tool we have in our lives! Ramiro has been meeting with us! And is progressing more than he ever has before! We asked him to read the Intro to the Book of Mormon and he did! Actually he read the Intro, the 8 witnesses, the 3 witnesses, and Joseph Smith’s testimony and we didn't even ask for him to do that! MILAGRO!!!  He understood it so well! Oh heavens, the Miracles I see here are beyond belief! He now has a baptism date set!!


   In January something happened that was really, really strange! Sister Quinn, Sister Pillimai, and Sister Ridge all got nearly deathly sick. I put it in my head that if I tell myself I won’t get sick, then I won’t get sick! IT WORKS!! Well, almost! I was bragging to the Sisters about how I wasn’t getting sick. Then, that evening the STRANGEST thing happened. I was at a lesson and I felt super hot and super sick. Then my face flushed purplish Red! Suddenly, all these weird bumps started appearing on my arm! When we got to the car, Hermana Quinn asked me what was happening and she pointed out that I had the weird bumps all over my face too! I started freaking out! Hermana Quinn said it looked just like Chicken Pox! I thought I was being cursed for bragging that I wasn't getting sick! But… we kept on going to lessons, and… then all of a sudden, they all went away! I don’t know if I will ever know what happened to me. It sure did teach me to stay humble! 

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