Friday, March 7, 2014


On February 24, 2014, after seven wonderful months with Sister Quinn and living
at Fallstrom Farms which had all the Emus, Alpacas, Goats and other critters... 
Emma is city bound!

Mi nueva direccion:
815 S Lincoln  #108
Spokane, WA  99204

Of course, you can always send packages and mail to the Mission Home and it will always get to her.
Sister Emma Rose Phipps
Washington Spokane Mission
820 South Pines Road Suite 101
Spokane, WA  99206

   I am filled to the max with twenty million different emotions! Yep, after many months, the time for change has come! So... what is happening with Hermana Phipps this transfer? I will be heading to the Southwest Area of our Branch with Hermana WALTON!!! :D
   When I first heard where I was going, I was shocked! For the last three transfers Hermana Quinn kept on saying that she would leave and I would stay! So I kinda convinced myself that is how it would be when it happened. As everyone probably has figured out by now, I LOVE this area more than I have loved anything before. But ever since I heard I would be leaving, I knew it was right.
   Sister Quinn will be staying up here in the North and will be serving with Hermana Phillipi (close to my name right?!). Sister Phillipi is a very recently returned missionary for the Peru Mission. She served six months in Peru and then had a couple of fainting accidents and was sent home until she gets an okay from the doctors to head back to her mission. She is SUCH AN AMAZING MISSIONARY!! She went with us for a whole day two weeks ago, and she will do amazing things in this area! I couldn't leave my first area in better hands.
   I AM SO EXCITED FOR MY NEW COMPANION! Hermana Walton came out on her mission the same time as I did! She was in the Mexico MTC but neither Hermana Taylor nor I knew that there was another 'WasSpo' missionary until she found us the fifth week of our MTC stay. She is an amazing missionary! Very powerful, very on top of things and very fun. She also is a whole lot like Hermana Quinn (so everyone says). I can't wait to begin this new transfer.
   The hardest part is leaving all the people we are teaching and this beautiful area and my wonderful trainer! But, after a sleepless night and thinking all during my packing this morning, I really realized this is right! I will be in my same branch and same district! So it is almost just half a transfer really!!
   I am actually really excited to have this brand new fresh start! Something is always so exciting about starting anew. There are a lot of things I need to be doing differently and this new situation will be so helpful for making new habits. I bought a journal last month that said, "Life isn't about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself." I know that is one hundred percent true! Luckily, I have my Savior to help create out of me, something a WHOLE lot better than I am. I am so grateful to have this Gospel!
Hermana Emma Rose Phipps ~ The New Southwest Sister 

We now get to find out just how good OUR SPANISH is!
Sister Walton was praying for a NATIVE missionary to come in
and be her companion... And she got ME!!
I know we will learn a whole lot from each other!!

   On the Saturday before Transfers, all the missionaries in the branch got to attend the Baptisms of Ramon and Miguel, our Branch's most recent converts. They are from the Southwest area and now I get to take part in teaching the New Member Lessons!!! I AM EXCITED!!! 

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