Saturday, March 1, 2014

Taking the LEAD...

I felt your prayers helping me throughout the day. It was EXCHANGES, and I had an AMAZING missionary to work with! Sister Nally was my companion for the day, and WOW, she is a powerful missionary! She told me what to say when I did not know what to do and then I only had to translate it into Spanish. She encouraged me to talk about Family History with a contact we had who was not open to anything else. And we got her number! We didn't have any set lessons for the day, but thanks to the Lord's guidance, we did three lessons. Each lesson had me speaking more and more Spanish. At each lesson, I could feel the Lord helping me speak. Although, one of the lessons was pretty rough Spanish and I knocked a table of papers over. But, at least it was unforgettable for all those in attendance!

In the third lesson of the night, we were visiting a family we hadn't met with for awhile. I was nervous! It was one of my favorite families ever, but I didn't know what I should say! We went anyway. What followed was the most powerful experience of my mission. I remember starting to teach and struggling to speak in Spanish as I always do. But then they brought up a concern that they had, and we read a scripture together, hoping that the spirit would help them with their concern. After reading the scripture, the most amazing thing happened. Words started coming out almost effortlessly, and they weren't even the things I would normally say. It was an indescribable moment. I know this kind of experience doesn't happen all the time. But as the Lord needs me, I will be an instrument ready for His strength to help me do His work.

Now we are teaching that family regularly! I have seen a big change of heart in the dad of the house. But he still needs a bit more of the Lord's hand in his life. The kids are so sweet and want to come to church, but he is only comfortable with studying with us for now. He doesn't want to commit to anything that takes him out of the house. I am praying with all my heart to know how to help each person progress a bit more in that home.  

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