Saturday, March 1, 2014


   As Sister Quinn has a knack of doing, at Zone Conference she got us signed up for singing AGAIN! By the time I am off my mission, I won't be afraid of being in front of people one bit! Ha, ha! All the credit will be due to Hermana Quinn though. Well, also thanks goes to learning Spanish, it makes the idea of giving a talk in English sound like a piece of cake with ice cream! I haven't even told you all the times we sang in front of people! More than I could ever have dreamed of wanting!!
   Last week we had Zone Training. The Sister Training Leaders always give the training at these meetings and they always do "role plays." Role playing is something that I honestly know I will be working on my whole mission. We teach other missionaries new ideas we have learned for them to practice. I am always more afraid of role-playing than I am to actually teach! But, I always try to do my best and give all I can to every role play. I know that they are very important to our improvement.
   Well, back to my point, at Zone Training, the Sister Training Leaders demonstrate a role play in front of the whole zone before the zone breaks up into groups and role play with each other. Since there are now two Sister Training Leaders in our Zone, I assumed that they would role play together, saving my poor heart from the heart attack of role playing in front of everyone. Well...
   On the way to Zone Conference, Sister Quinn asked me to do the role play with her. :S Definitely WAY out of my Comfort Zone!! But we practiced during the 40 minute drive. And... WE DID IT! Hermana Quinn is amazing! She did a wonderful training and I am just happy to say that I can do things that are REALLY hard for me in front of my whole zone. I am thankful for the many times the Lord has taught me to get up and do what I am asked. I know I can only do this because it is always Him who give me the strength to do it. I really can't do any of the things out here without Him!

(Emma is on the right)

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