Sunday, March 16, 2014


At least in the Spanish Southwest ~ Spokane Style!!

   I am already absolutely in love with this new transfer!  I know I am exactly where I need to be and learning what the Lord would have me learn. Each day this week, in the back of my journal, I wrote down a tender mercy that I saw and want to cherish forever. I want to share them with you! Now you can see the little miracles that came my way each day this week!

   We had a lesson with Ramon & Miguel. These two are the best! They were baptized at the end of February 2014 and they are miracle investigators. One day, months ago, the English Sisters that live with us in our apartment met Miguel on the street. They got his contact information and gave it to the Spanish Sisters. Sister Walton and Sister Judd then called Miguel back that night and invited him to come to church. That Sunday, Sister Quinn and I were driving to church and we saw two young men that looked like they might be Spanish speaking walking across the road. At the same time Sister Quinn and I said, we NEED to talk to them. We parked our car and went to go talk to them when we realized they were headed for the door of our church building! It was Miguel and Ramon. They came to church every week and after 2 months of meeting with missionaries, they are the newest members of our Branch!
   I knew them pretty well before I came to this area, so I am very excited that I get to help them learn the new member lessons with Sister Walton! It is just so exciting. On Thursday, we had a lesson about the Priesthood, which they received Sunday! They will give a talk this Sunday and pass the Sacrament the next Sunday! Now we are working on plans to get them into the temple to do baptisms for the dead. This is one of our big goals for this transfer.

   So, we have the Fairchild Air Force Base in our area. It is the greatest thing ever! We were able to visit some members on base and teach them the missionary lessons and see who they knew that spoke Spanish. One member picks us up and we have a lesson, then they drive us to the next member and we do so, going from house to house. It was the neatest thing to be on base and be with amazing members. What was especially wonderful was watching each member as the spirit reminded them of Spanish speaking people they know.

   The Lord brings us miracles when we ask for them. It is amazing to me just how much the Lord's hand is really in our lives. On Thursday Sister Walton and I promised ourselves that we would invite someone to be baptized that day because we hadn't invited anyone that week yet. It was 8:00 at night and we were contacting. Usually contacting past eight takes me out of my comfort zone, a LOT, but this time something was different. As we went to leave our car, we prayed to have an experience where we would ask someone to be baptized. Not knowing if anyone would open their door, much less listen to us at that time of night, we went knocking. We tried the door of a potential contact, but no one answered. So Sister Walton suggested we go to one of the neighbor's. We picked the one to the right. We knocked on the door and the sweetest older man answered the door. This man's dogs were named Pedro & Gonzales, but this gentleman didn't speak Spanish. We talked with him. Then we handed the Book of Mormon to him and promised him how it would bless his life. We asked him if he would be willing to get baptized and in the most tender voice he said, "Yes, yes, I would." It was a powerful experience! We gave his information to the English Sisters and they taught him for the first time last night. The Lord really is hastening His work and helping His servants.

   We taught an English member family in our Stake named "Phillips!" They are the cutest little couple who are expecting their first child in April! Ah, they are my favorite! The best member missionary moment happened with them. We finished teaching the restoration to them and asked them who we could share this message with. Soon the wife told us about a neighbor she always runs into on the street. She said she would talk to them about the gospel this week. We were making plans to follow-up with them on that when the husband said, " I have an idea! How about if we just all go over to their house RIGHT NOW! I will knock on the door and tell them how we just heard a wonderful message from these wonderful missionaries and we wanted to invite them to listen to it too!" At this point I was in absolute awe! That is missionary work at its finest! I love members! Not more than 30 seconds later, we were out their door and standing on the neighbor's doorstep! I really want to challenge everyone who reads this to do this the next time the missionaries come over. Whether or not the person accepts, the success is in the invitation!!
   That moment really made my day. It helped me realize that members are gaining trust in us and that they know the message of the restoration needs to be offered to EVERYONE!!

   Well, in other news about the week. I have the BEST COMPANION in the entire World!! :D  I am learning SO MUCH from Sister Walton every day. I have never seen such an effective missionary in my life and I get to be her companion! Every moment is a learning experience. I love where the Lord placed me! Plus, we are speaking Spanish A LOT with each other. This is making a world of difference!!
   The area is really in a finding position right now. This is something I am not as used to. When Sister Quinn and I first got to my past area, we did a lot of finding work! Now we are doing it here, but we are focusing on using any member we can find! That means we are meeting with families all over the stake! I LOVE IT!! Being with the members is such a testimony reinforcement! I get to take what they teach me and send it on to the potentials and investigators we have!!
Emma says good-bye to Hermana Quinn and now serves with Hermana Walton. Both are WONDERFUL!


Well, Love you all so much and appreciate the examples you are to me!!! Hermana Emma Rose Phipps

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