Wednesday, March 5, 2014


   Our mission is all about getting creative and getting ourselves out there. We volunteer at sporting events. We sing at Retirement Centers. We even draw HUGE Plan of Salvation chalk drawings on the sidewalk and we have Free Hot Chocolate stands! I love our Mission President and how we are encouraged to reach out.
   We went to sing at a Retirement Center and Sister Quinn brought her guitar. The activities director ran up to us and asked us if we could come and read and sing to the residents from time to time. We excitedly agreed to that! While there, we asked the nurses if there were any residents who spoke Spanish, so we could sing to them in Spanish. We found one and he is from Cuba. He was sleeping when we went in, so we spoke with his sister who was in the room with him. She was so excited to hear us speak to her in Spanish. She asked us to come back again on a different day.

(How wonderful that Sister Quinn has her Guitar!!)  

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