Saturday, March 1, 2014

Seeing the BEST in Everyone!

Today I was talking to Sister Pilimai and Sister Ridge and I told them that they are the BEST, (because they are)! Then Sister Ridge told me she just couldn't believe me because she believes that I think EVERYONE is the BEST! So, I replied, "Well, you are the BEST!" Sister Quinn piped in and said, "Well, it is kind of true, you do think everyone is the best." I replied, "Well, of course all the members we work with are the best and our Investigators ARE BEYOND THE BEST AND GREATEST IN THE WORLD, but... so are Sister Ridge and Sister Pilimai! Then they all went on to name people and laughed at me when I would say that they were the BEST too!!

I had a WONDERFUL WEEK, except for...
SUSHI!! I got peer pressured into eating Sushi! I do not know how they even convinced me to try, but it did not go well. Okay, honestly, the first sushi roll thing I tried wasn't too bad. It was tuna and other things. I didn't LIKE it, but it was fine and did not gag me. But somehow, after about 10 minutes of telling me I HAD to eat it, I tried the EEEEEEL (eel) one!   What happened next I'd rather not say ever. It was a nightmare!

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