Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Oftentimes I daydream about the Baptisms of my investigators.  It is hard for me to call them my investigators, because deep in my heart I know they are truly and completely the Lord's.  I can see the joy bursting from their hearts!  I remember the JOY I felt on my Baptism Day and the undeniable power I felt come over me while being confirmed.  A power that only can come from a Divine Gift from God. I remember the days when Kezi and Erika were baptized.  Without a doubt, I knew that they were feeling the exact same feelings from their Heavenly Father.

On November 18th Emma wrote: This Saturday I get to watch Jorge enter the waters of Baptism. He has been preparing for this day for months! And the Lord has been preparing him even longer. I wish everyone could watch my investigator's conversion process. I wish everyone could see the miracles I have seen in the eyes of my investigators as peace was restored and their joy was expounded by the Gospel. It is simply breath-taking and my heart is racing.

I now am counting down the minutes and miracles until I get to watch Jorge's baptism. Then the next week Fernando will follow the same path. I can't wait to share with them the amazing experience they will have of making their first covenants! I can't wait for them to receive the Holy Ghost as a constant companion to bless their lives in every moment. To be able to help others to receive this essential strength in life is something I am so humbled to be part of.


I really do not believe I could feel much happier and blessed.  When he received the Holy Ghost, the Spirit was so strong. I can hardly believe how blessed I am to be a missionary! His journey has been amazing and I feel so blessed to have walked a bit of it with him.

Fernando had the BIGGEST smile in the world during Jorge's baptism.  As I taught the Gospel lesson his smile reassured me.  He is so supportive!  He is working so hard to help his friend Ramiro take the steps of conversion too.

Jorge was Baptized.  That is what really matters! He was so happy and so grateful. On Sunday we taught a lesson to Jorge, Fernando, and Ramiro. Jorge was our member at the lesson. Best moment of my life. They were all giving the best of answers and sharing their thoughts about the Gospel. How can I explain to the world the essential value of Christ's gospel? I wish I could show the world the blessings it brings. Watching others grow closer to Christ and learn His teachings is the greatest miracle there is. It is indescribable.

What a completely perfect and beautiful and wonderful in every way week!!


At the baptism I got to do a WHOLE LOT MORE than I ever thought I could do. Let me say, I depended on the Lord that day. Because of some confusion, the pianist for the baptism was told the wrong time... So, guess who was the pianist?! Hermana Phipps! WHAT?!?! I know, I never in my life would guess I would play the piano at a baptism. Wait a second, you are probably wondering how I played the piano... Must have been the Gift of Piano Interpretation or something? NO...it wasn't. I actually only played the first note for each song and the rest was acappella! All is well. Then, somehow, and I really am not sure how, Hermana Quinn decided it was a great idea to have me and her sing a song. UM WHAT? I don't do that! When was the last time I sang in front of people! Well,... she signed us up for that and then we only practiced 5 times (CRAZY WEEK). Then suddenly, it was time for me to be up in front of everyone singing harmony which Sister Quinn had written to "Come, Come Ye Saints" in Spanish. Again, I only practiced that 5 times! Well, that is one place where the Spirit really did help me. I couldn't have remembered the harmony without it. We hadn't even practiced it the day of the baptism! Well, I don't know if we sounded good, but I actually hit the notes I had not been able to hit! So that is something. Then... some other things happened that I had to depend on the strength of the Lord to get me through, (like having to impromptu teach the whole Gospel of Christ to everyone in Spanish at the Baptism). Whelp... I know that without the Lord, I AM SO WEAK!  

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