Monday, November 4, 2013


Monday October 21st marked the last day of my FIRST transfer out in the field!  Um... that went by way too fast!  It is crazy!  I have had a lot of first experiences... which are always fun, a bit awkward, and amazing!

Here are some First Experiences I had this week:

FIRST time I had someone give me a commitment back.  As a missionary, if you haven't committed the person you are teaching to do anything, then that is the only way you can fail.  Success is in the inviting.  We preach this and we live by this.  Well, one of our member families really took this lesson to heart and gave US a commitment back!  They challenged Hermana Quinn and myself to invite 60 people this week!  We had challenged each of their family members to invite 3 people.  Well, we took the challenge they gave back to us.  IT WAS HARD!! But it was the biggest blessing!  So many miracles happened this week because of this challenge!  Including the fact that we ran into one of our potentials and invited her to do something.  After we invited her, she reminded us that we had met her before!  Then we set up an appointment to see her again.  We have an appointment with her on Wednesday!  And...we wouldn't have met her and talked to her if it had not been for the challenge from our member family!!

FIRST confusing of an investigator! :( ... We confused one of our investigators in a major way for the first time.  We asked her to read Moroni 10:3-7.  But when she went to read the scripture she got confused and read Moroni 9:8-10!!  These are probably the most intense verses in the Book of Mormon...(read it and you will understand how scared we felt when we learned she read that as her FIRST introduction to the Book of Mormon).  Not exactly what we wanted her to start with.  But she admitted that the Book of Mormon is still beautiful and interesting and she is excited to be reading it some more!  She also says she knows it is the Word of God!!     [This is a Mama Mary comment:  The Book of Mormon is for our day...are there not people and organizations that feed on others and their weaknesses?!! But still, what a way to be introduced to the Book of Mormon!!]

FIRST transfer calls!!  Transfer calls are scary!  So Scary!! At transfers they let you know if you will change companions and if you will change your area.  You worry about what the next chapter will be.  Luckily I am so blessed to be staying in the same area with Sister Quinn!!  I AM SO HAPPY!! Also, transfer calls mark the time for a fresh start!  I have learned a lot these last six weeks and I know lots of places where I need to be improving! And now is my chance to do it with the people and area I LOVE!!


Oh, and Emma had another FIRST...Her FIRST SEAFOOD MEAL!!  Read on to enjoy the story!!

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