Tuesday, November 26, 2013


On November 18th Emma wrote: The Lord is Hastening His Work and we are going to rise up. This week at Zone Conference, we committed to new mission goals. Hermana Quinn and I are fully committed to keeping these goals. We know they are the Lord's vision for the Washington Spokane Mission. We get to teach 3 lessons every day, have four investigators in every Sacrament Meeting, find people everywhere, and (the most exciting part), baptize every week!

I know these goals are from the Lord. The Lord has asked all to "Come Follow Him." We are the instruments in helping others to hear those 3 simple words and help them start their path of following Him back to our loving Heavenly Father.

When we first opened this area I remember getting excited when we had 7 lessons in a week. When we were told we are to have 21 lessons every week I knew we would need some Heavenly Help! I thought it would maybe take some weeks to work up to 21 lessons per week, but I prayed and told the Lord I would do all I could to make it happen now. With the assurance that the Lord helps us as we do our best, we went to work.

Looking back at this week I know it was the Lord's hand that made it all possible. Somehow, through His help we had 21 lessons, 4 investigators at church, and a baptism! I can hardly believe it. This week was a LOT of work, but it was also guided by the spirit. I know that each lesson we were able to have was what the Lord wanted us to be doing! I can see it on the faces of those I teach when they feel the Spirit and when they learn the Truth. To have been able to have that happen 21 times this week is a miracle beyond all other miracles.

M.I.L.A.G.R.O.S (Spanish for Miracles) That is the only way I can explain this week.

Miracles are happening here! President Oaks visited our area and told of the miracles that would be coming. I saw it on Sunday! 97 people at church!!!! When, before they split the branch it was a huge day when they approached 60. MIRACLES!

I can't wait for more and more miracles to unfold. I wish I could tell you all about them! But it would take hours upon hours. Please pray for me that I may concentrate all my time to help others receive the boundless joys found in the Gospel of Christ.

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