Thursday, November 7, 2013


[As Emma's Mom, I decided to make an editorial decision since I do all of these blogs. Emma is busy being a Missionary, so I do the blog site.  I decided to go back and re-print here all the comments Emma wrote about Fernando so we could watch his progression on the gospel path.]


On Monday October 7th Emma wrote the following to us:
Want to know how amazing of an adventure I am on?  First, I get to see the miracles of conversion unfold right before my eyes!  Fernando, after saying His first vocal prayer on Sunday Oct. 29th has been growing so much!  I feel so blessed to watch him change.  The next appointment we had with him was Tuesday and he had kept all his commitments and even gone back and completed ones he hadn't fully finished.  He is gaining a testimony and is ACTING on it!  He is helping one of our other investigators keep the faith!  It makes me want to cry and pray to Heavenly Father with all my soul giving thanks to Him. Being part of this process is CELESTIAL.

On Monday October 21st Emma wrote:
Well, Fernando is doing amazing!  We are teaching him and his two Friends, Jorge and Ramiro too.  They are all on different levels and all have very different personalities, so we are trying to find ways to let them all feel the Spirit and help them all on their way to CHRIST.

On Monday October 28th Emma wrote:
Fernando is AMAZING!  Sometimes I wonder if he is a member in disguise!  I sometimes find myself suspecting that the MTC might have sent him for me to learn how to be a missionary with such a golden investigator.  He has accepted the baptism challenge!  His testimony shines.  He really takes seriously all his learning in the Gospel.  He inspires me.  I know the Holy Ghost is truly teaching him.  After all Hermana Quinn and I have said and done, it would be nothing if it was not for the Holy Ghost.  I know he has been guided by the Spirit on every step of his journey.

We have also been teaching his friend Jorge for the last few weeks.  Jorge has been taking the discussions with missionaries multiple times each week since the beginning of this year.  He comes to many of the Church activities too.  He is so great!  He has learned every bit of the discussions and understands them all so well! He was actually the one who referred Fernando to the missionaries and now they both live in a member's house in our area!  We are so lucky!!  Things couldn't be better.  I know the Lord's hand has been in of all of this.  Fernando and Jorge have been helping each other on their way to discipleship!  It is so amazing to watch.

Then one day out of nowhere, Ramiro walked in!  He seemed to know bits about our Church.  We don't know how long he has lived with Fernando, but he came into a lesson and has been joining in ever since. We are now teaching 4 people at the Lopez home!  I am convinced that we just need to live at the Lopez home and teach all day!  Investigators appear out of nowhere there!  I know that those who live at the Lopez home feel the spirit and watch the examples of the members.  They can feel the truth of the restoration so strong in those walls.

On Monday November 4, 2013 Emma wrote:
Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with two of our investigators.  They both expressed their desires to be baptized and they both put themselves on date!  Jorge is preparing to be baptized November 23rd and Fernando will be baptized the following week, November 30th.  I have seen the Lord's hand in their lives as He has walked with them on their road of conversion.  I have seen the light grow in their eyes as they find the truths of the Lord. There is a reason why the Lord is calling to "Come Follow Him."  As we live His gospel we will find a life more beautiful and rich than we could ever believe.  He is moving His work forward and calling us to join with Him and His teachings.  Come be blessed by all He has to offer.

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