Saturday, November 9, 2013


My first Sunday I arrived in the Branch they announced the splitting of the Branch.  I will never be able to forget that moment, that is when I first began to realize that the Lord has some amazing plans for this area.  In the eight weeks since that Sunday so many amazing things have happened!  I know the Lord is preparing this area for some amazing miracles and somehow I AM LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE PART of them!!

On Sunday, I was able to attend the dividing of the Branch.  The Spirit was so strong.  This coming Sunday each of the 9 missionaries left in the Indiana Branch will be giving talks on how we can answer the Lord's call to help His work grow here in Spokane.  There is no doubt that He is expecting us to rise to this call.  He has made it apparent in so many ways.  He has given us members who are undeniably excited to do their part.  Every activity they plan they have a focus on how it can help each member be stronger and how it can build the branch by inviting others to join in.  He has placed 13 missionaries who do full time Spanish work where only 2 months ago, there were only 4 Spanish speaking missionaries and only 2 of them did purely Spanish.  Where there used to be only one Branch the Lord has called for two!  (Which is a very rare act indeed.  Rarely ever do they divide a Branch, they would rather have it turned into a Ward.)  I know these are all signs that these Branches are bound to GROW!  Can you feel the Power?! I know I can.

During the dividing, the Stake President gave us a statistic that I could hardly believe.  In 2004, the Mission President at that time had the thought to invite 4 Spanish speaking missionaries to his mission.  This is when the Spanish work all started!  The Branch wasn't even established until a few years later.  The Branch began less than 10 years ago!  I had no idea!!  It has become so strong and grown so much in such a little time.  I doubt I could ever dream of just how much more it is going to grow!!

Well, I am humbled.  And oh, so very excited.

[Emma sent us two links with the message to "Please Watch This Video!" I did and loved it and cried.  It reminded me of a favorite phrase that Rob Smith in our Ward says, "This Is Who We Are, This Is What We Do!!"  Yes, some of us do not do these things, but as a whole, many do and much more.  It is the goal of most Mormons to be part of this Great Work in any way that we can.  Enjoy Emma's Video Link!!]

[Emma wrote: "Here is a Talk I LOVE!"  Emma has a favorite speaker and talk that she has loved for several years.  She even bought his book!  "Yearning for the Living God."  Who is this wonderful speaker? F. Enzio Busche!  There is a YouTube video of a talk he gave that has the best steps for growth and goodness that is all encompassing.  Emma used to share it with me.  Somehow Emma found this other talk of his. It was given in Emma's birth year. You can link up to this address below.  I love the title: "The Joy of the Penetrating Light."  I think that Emma is thoroughly enjoying sharing the Gospel Light and watching as it penetrates into the lives of others!! Enjoy this talk and search for his 10 (maybe more) Steps on YouTube if you get a chance.  GREAT STUFF!! (These bracketed paragraphs were written my Mary Phipps to share added info.)]

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