Tuesday, April 15, 2014


This has been such a huge WEEK! I am loving the move and also every single day I am seeing just how the Lord is showing us that He is aware of us. 

On Tuesday while moving all the stuff to our car we got a call from our zone leaders saying that President Mullen had a referral for us! HOW NEAT! We were so excited! But as soon as they told us the address we were a bit discouraged. We thought it was right in the area we were moving away from which would mean we wouldn't be able to visit it easily. Hearing the change of excitement in our voices the Elders continued to tell us it was an address for MEDICAL LAKE! We both screamed and said, "That is what we want to hear!" 

So the next day we went out to contact the referral. As we walked up to the house we saw a little boy playing outside! We yelled hello and asked if we could talk to his parents. Seeing that we were strangers he ran straight to the backyard and hid behind the fence... Haha which his mom later told us is what she trained him to do. 

We continued to the door and found his mom inside! She let us right in and she started telling us right off the bat about how Christ is coming soon. Sabrina is the most zealous woman I have met in my life. She became a Christian in 2003 and has been practically memorizing the Bible ever since. She is a Seventh Day Adventist and has been praying for people to come to her so she can save them. At the end of talking to her she asked if we could pray. She offered a very energetic prayer asking for us to be saved from our ways since we were so sincere.

Sister Walton was wondering if we should go back when Francisco, Sabrina's husband walked in. Francisco met President Mullen at the airport on Monday where they exchanged information! He is the sweetest man I have ever met! He is a Spanish speaker who understands English perfectly. He told us how many of his friends are LDS and how he wants us to come by. One of his friends gave him a Book of Mormon IN SPANISH and he is super intrigued by it. He was baptized but definitely doesn't have the Christian zeal that Sabrina does. So they scheduled an appointment for us to come by the next evening. 

We knew going into the lesson that it would be different than most lessons because Sabrina is very cautious and very adamant about her faith. Which is great because we rejoice in the faith anyone has and we are only here to help others build on their faith with the knowledge of the Restoration. So we went but what we walked into I would never have been able to imagine. We walked in and sitting on the coffee table was Sabrina's computer. For every scripture we said from the Book of Mormon she immediately grabbed her laptop and did a bible reference search to find what the bible said. Starting off that lesson was so intimidating!

The lesson went really well! As we taught Sabrina's heart really did soften up a lot. Francisco is golden. At the end He reviewed the Restoration pamphlet as we were talking about a concern Sabrina had. I overheard Him turn to the member we brought and say, "The exact same church that Jesus Christ established is back on the earth again because Jesus gave it to Joseph Smith. That is great!"

At the end as we went to leave he turned to me and said. "Joseph Smith is friends with Jesus Chirst, I am friends with Jesus Christ, so we are all friends!" (I love how his favorite word is friend. I haven"t heard him refer to anyone without calling them friends!) 

Well, they are our new investigators! I am so excited! It is different, not like any teaching situation we have faced before but it gives us a lot to think about. I just love it.

Please visit:
mormon.org/BecauseofHim and watch the video!!!!
I know that Because of Him this life has endless opportunities. There is no end to anything.
Love you all! 
Hermana Phipps

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