Monday, April 14, 2014


On Monday March 17, 2014 Emma wrote:
H E L L O all my dear friends and family!
   This week has been a great week. One day we gave 6 referrals to the English missionaries of people who were SO INTERESTED! We had invited three of them to be baptized and they agreed! We went around having really amazing conversations all day and found so many people who were interested. The missionaries in the areas we work in keep telling us that WE ARE ON FIRE!! Somehow the story about how we are passing along so many referrals got to our District Leader. So last night after reporting our numbers, he said, "Well, although your numbers might not be where you want them to be, I am definitely taking into account all the English work you are doing. I've heard how much you are doing for the other sets of Missionaries!"
   Yes, at this time we don't really have investigators... but we are finding Spanish speakers. One day we found four different houses! Which is an all time high! Now we just have to find those who are interested!!! I feel we are on the brink of finding great families. And we will keep on finding English speaking potentials as we go! The Lord is really blessing us with amazing moments with people. The Spanish area covers a whole Stake and a half, I feel like a Stake Missionary sometimes! It is the best thing ever!!
   Some more exciting news! One of my investigators I taught back up when I was serving in the North is getting baptized on Friday and I get to go to the Baptism because we are singing! The Lord really is too wonderful. Deep in my heart I wanted to make sure I could go to the Baptism, but I wasn't sure if we could. But the Lord made it so we could!

DAD asked about what we do on our P-Day:
   Funny thing! Just since the beginning of this transfer, Sister Walton and I made it our goal to do fun adventures during P-Day. Every P-day we go to Baskin-Robbins and get some Ice Cream. We are trying to spend more time at the Stake Centers so that we can make friends with other missionaries. Last week we spent it with our zone, which was lots of fun! Only bad thing is our Stake Center for our Zone is far away, so I didn't get to write any letters. Most P-days we spend it with a Zone that our area covers and is close to where we live. (It is the Stake Center of the Sisters we live with.) In about two weeks, Hermana Walton and I have made plans with a Future Missionary who goes to lessons with us to go take a tour of the town in two P-Days. WE ARE SO EXCITED! So, that is the fun of p-day! Today I am going to focus on catching up on letters.
   Love you all so much! ~~ Hermana Phipps    

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