Wednesday, April 23, 2014


   I am still rejoicing over hearing about the Wilson's Welcome Home! They emailed me too and told me how much they loved seeing you there!
   Quick, funny story: We keep running out of English Book of Mormons right when we meet someone who needs one! So, I keep on handing out the ones I mark and use to study with! Usually that is okay, but this time we have a mission conference where we were to mark over 30 scriptures with background and information. I've been working all month on it and yesterday... I GAVE IT AWAY!! I am a bit nervous now. Oh well!
   Now for a story about my favorite investigators. Arcelia and Michelle will forever be some of my favorite investigators on my mission. We had a lesson with them last Thursday on the Book of Mormon. I've never seen two people more ready for the Gospel. The lesson went so well! They both mentioned how excited they were to get baptized! Arcelia told us she was excited to tell her husband her testimony! She sounds like a member already!
   We made plans to go by her house at 1:20 on Saturday so she could follow us to Conference. She was so excited to hear from the Prophet and Apostles!
   Then Saturday Morning, during Elder Hollands talk, we got 5 texts from Arcelia saying her husband told her to visit a website (super anti-mormon), and that we shouldn't come back except to get the Book of Mormon. Heartbroken, Sister Walton and I cried so much.
   Well, we didn't want to go back because if there was any chance they would read the Book of Mormon, we wanted them to. Three days ago, Hermana Walton and I felt like we needed to go back. So we did, although I was nervous. We both just loved that family so much and we didn't want to let them go!
   When we knocked on the door, my heart was beating so much that I couldn't even speak. Arcelia opened the door and the first thing Hermana Walton said was, "Arcelia, we just miss your family!" She opened up and said she is reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know the truth. Three days ago she prayed for angels to come and help her know what to do. She told us she knows it is true but that she just needs to build her faith to face her husband. He is really mean! Really! So, we won't be able to visit her, but we text her scriptures. Nothing will do more than the Book of Mormon and the Holy Ghost. It isn't the end... it is just the beginning!
   Thank you for your prayers. Love, Hermana Phipps

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