Monday, April 7, 2014


   What an amazing day Friday was (along with the entire week), but FRIDAY was AMAZING!
   I am dedicating my whole email this week to this day. It was orchestrated by the Lord, I have no doubt about that. I learned so much in that one day.
   There is a potential we have been trying to teach for a couple of weeks, but everything kept falling through. We had almost daily contact with her trying to set things up. I started worrying that we were being annoying, but while planning on Thursday, we planned to just stop by her house for one more try.
   It was raining! (Of course, everything amazing that happens to me happens in the rain!) As we drove over there I started worrying. I kept having a strange thought that we shouldn't go, but it was a confusing anxious feeling. We parked and Sister Walton expressed some doubts about if we should be there also. We sat for about 30 seconds then at once we turned to each other and both said, "Well, we are here and we are looking for the elect." So we went to the door. (Of course, Satan was trying to discourage us.)
   Our potential opened the door. She explained that she was super busy at the moment and was about to leave to go pick up her children from school. It was pretty funny because I was worried that we were annoying her so in basically a half whisper I said, "We just have a REALLY amazing activity going on tomorrow (Women's Conference) that we just had to invite you to." Immediately she replied, "Are you staying in the area? I would love for you to come visit me in a half hour." We agreed and went off to work until we could return.
   [Short story pause]: While working those 30 minutes we found a most amazing mother! We introduced her to the Book of Mormon and invited her to be Baptized. She said, "Yes!" When we asked her how we could help her right now, she replied, "I can't think of any better help you can give than this Book and to visit me again." People are so humbly close to the Spirit and His Guidance!!
   While driving back to our first potential, Sister Walton turned and asked if we should call a member. We decided that we really should and she began calling. The first member we called dropped everything they were doing, grabbed her spouse, and drove the 20 minutes to the town we were in.
   They arrived and we told them how we were going to teach the Restoration. We had decided to focus on her family and then we walked in. What happened next was one of the most powerful moments from my mission.
   The mother and her 15 year old joined us. We invited the four little kids, but the mom said they were too shy to want to come out. Our members connected with the mom 100 percent, right off the bat. She talked about going to the LDS church with her grandmother as a 5-6 year old. She told us she remembered that her favorite part was taking the water and bread each week. She told us she felt there was something special about it. We didn't have a lot of time and I started to worry if we should really teach the Restoration. Luckily, Sister Walton had no fear and started us out. As we taught it, the Spirit really helped us to be simple and I felt the Power of the message as it bore testimony of itself by its simplicity. As we taught, each of the little children one by one came into the room, sat down and started to listen so intently.
   Sister Walton ended testifying about how when they pray, they will know. My mind went completely quiet except for one word at a time, the Baptism Invite came into my mind. As I said it, I felt the Spirit so strongly, so immensely. As I finished the sentence and looked into their eyes, they both immediately responded, "Yes." I testified that the Lord was going to help them, so amazingly, to get there. Sister Walton followed by inviting them to be baptized on May 3rd to which they both said yes and the mother followed by saying, "Yo quiero." (I want to.)
   I know the Lord takes such loving care of each of His precious children. I know this is His work. Such things like this wouldn't happen without His amazing Love and Guidance.


   Hermana Phipps and Hermana Walton
   I Love You all so much! Sunday is transfers, it astounds me how fast it has gone. I haven't the slightest idea what will happen. The only thing I know is that there are rumors that we will move to Airway Heights, a town more central to our huge area.
   I've been in the Mission for 6 transfers! How crazy!! I still have so much to learn! I'll never be done learning, a fact I LOVE!!

PS ~ I loved Women's Conference so much! 
I bawled during the moment when the 8-11 year olds began singing 
"Teach Me to Walk In the LIGHT."

I sang that song with Krystal at Javier's Baptism. 
This mission means so much to me!!
Miguel and Ramon LOVED IT! 
(See below!)

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