Monday, April 7, 2014


Mum y Daddy!
   I got so caught up in Max the new family dog that Amy & Jon now have, that I forgot to write my funny/scary story of the week. Last night we went to try a 'Potential' house. We knocked on the door and while we were waiting, the owner's dog came to the front porch. It was a pretty BIG Pit Bull! But, because of Lisa and Russ, I love and am not scared of Pit Bulls one bit! It kinda was a strange dog though. As we waited at the door it kept on jumping on the both of us multiple times every second. Finally I bent down and petted it enough to distract it.
   No one answered the door (though people were inside), so we headed off to our car which was quite a far distance off. All of a sudden, the dog jumped up, bit my hand pretty hard and twisted it's head with my hand inside. I freaked out! Not a second later, it did it again and again, biting my arm and my stomach! It hurt but I had no idea what to do! The owner was watching from inside so in my mind, I didn't want to 'offend' them. So I cried out, laughing, to my companion telling her the dog was eating me! I didn't want to be laughing though! I was so scared. We got to the car as fast as we could. I looked at my arms and the dog had actually left marks and broke the skin in multiple places! I have bruises too! I am so happy that our Max is a shy, loving and cuddly dog.
   Love, Hermana Phipps
PS I love Lisa and Russ' dogs! Much Better Behaved!!!

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