Monday, April 14, 2014


   It really was the greatest thing I could have asked for this past weekend! Every talk I just wanted to yell out AMEN! Each talk helped me feel closer to the Savior. It was so beautiful!!!!!!! The only thing I can complain about is that it flew by way too quickly!
   We watched the Saturday sessions in Spanish! Ha ha... that was an adventure. We had Spanish Audio with English Subtitles and if you listened close enough you could hear the English underneath and they were all a little bit off in the timing, so sometimes I would get lost in the translation. But I felt that by listening to it in Spanish, I received more revelation directly from the Spirit! LOVED IT!! You can't ask me my favorite talk because I gained SO MUCH from each one. Elder Scott actually pre-recorded his own talk in Spanish so we got to hear his own voice during the translation. He has a special place in my heart and so does that talk! Also, Elder Uchtdorf's Saturday morning talk taught me a whole lot. I took so many notes on it! I am trying to look at some of the hardest things that have happened on my mission as beginnings not endings. Wow, it sure does make all the difference. It helps me to really see how the Lord really works.
   OH! And I loved how Elder Ballard wants us to share what we are learning in Preach My Gospel. Yesterday I learned in Preach My Gospel about how to know you are a successful missionary. It reminds us that success is in our commitment to invite. It reminds us that we can feel devastated at times but we should never allow ourselves to feel discouraged. Discouragement is Satan's way to shortcut missionaries. Daddy is always teaching me this too! Attitude is everything! The work is amazing, I testify of that! The constant guidance of the Lord is such a Miracle.

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