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On Monday April 7, 2014 Emma wrote:

First off... TRANSFER NEWS!!
Hermana Walton and I are staying in the Southwest!
But... even though we are staying in the same area, we will be doing a whole different kind of work it looks like!

   It is really an amazing story. At the beginning of our last transfer, they told us that we would be moving to Airway Heights where the English Silver Lake Sister were living. Here in the Stake they did some major Ward readjustments and the English Silver Lake Sisters who used to do the work in Airway are now doing work in Medical Lake which is completely far away from where they are living. The Stake President, the most spiritual person I know, had found them a house and made plans for them to move. The Sisters have been working hard to get ready for the move so that is why we were so surprised when on Wednesday, we got a call from the Zone Leaders that we would be moving to the Medical Lake house instead of them!
   Medical Lake is a small town right by a college town named Cheney. A few years ago, the Stake President started having a vision about having a Spanish Branch out in Cheney, so he requested for one. When the Church Headquarters response came back, they said that Cheney would not be getting a branch at this time, but that is when the Church decided to split the Branch between the Valley and Spokane. We haven't had the chance to talk to President McCombie yet, but the Zone Leaders said that the reason we are moving there is because President McCombie felt that we needed to be closer to Cheney and Medical Lake so we can do more work out there! It is true, we are currently living at the top of our area and we could only go to Cheney once every so often.
   From the moment on Wednesday when I heard that is where we would be moving, I felt that it was right. It is one of those undeniable feelings I have felt when something was completely the Lord's will. I felt it when I first met Javier and invited him to be baptized. I felt it when I first saw Ramon y Miguel walking to church. I felt it when I first came to this area and I needed to know that this is where the Lord wanted me to be.
   If that feeling wasn't enough to build my testimony that this is the direction the Lord wants us to go then the last 3 days here would have pointed me easily enough! These last 3 days have been the craziest days of my life. Every single potential, investigator, and hope of progression in Airway Heights fizzled out faster than I could ever explain. Families who had more potential than I have ever seen decided that it wasn't their time to hear the Gospel. I know the Lord is showing us that he is very serious that he wants us out in a different part of the field. Airway Heights just might need some time for the Lord to work His ways.
   President McCombie wants a Branch. I have prayed about it to see exactly what work the Lord wants us to do. I am finding the answer bit by bit. One of my favorite hymns is Lead Kindly Light. My favorite line says, "One step enough, for me." Well, we have the first step! Move to Medical Lake. And we will go from there.
   Best thing is I get to keep the hardest worker in the Mission, Hermana Walton, as my companion! Oh heavens, I am so blessed. We have been through lots of stressful and difficult times this transfer, but Hermana Walton is the best at leading us and keeping us going. Plus, we can't complain one bit, we have seen such huge miracles along the way! We haven't ever gotten in even the slightest fight and Hermana Walton knows how to push through any disappointment!
   During the last few days I've been constantly reading, rereading, and reading again 1 Nephi 17. It is about the time Nephi was commanded by the Lord to build a ship. At one time, President Condon read it to us and told us that we were building a Branch. I know that the Lord will help Hermana Walton and I find the tools we need to build a branch out here if it is His will!
I know the Lord has amazing plans and if I get the chance to be part of them, then...
Hear from you soon!
Hermana Phipps  

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