Sunday, April 27, 2014


Weeks go by just so FAST now!

   I am learning that I really need to seek for the guidance of the Lord in this work. It is all too big for my little brain to figure out by itself! Ha ha! Just looking back on this week my head hurts a bit!

   Update on Francisco and Sabrina. On Tuesday we went over to help Sabrina organize her upstairs to prepare for her family that is coming to town. I loved her reason for wanting her house organized. It leaves her with more time to preach to her family when they visit. She seemed to have her guard down and she seemed a lot more comfortable about talking about her faith without feeling like she needed to defend it. Her little son who is 5 is the cutest! His name is Ethan and he worked just as hard as us the hour we spent there. He moved books off and back onto the bookcase for us. He dusted the whole room. And he was completely happy the whole time! Kids are the best. He asks his mom every day if we are coming over!
   We came back on Thursday and Francisco fed us dinner. Amazing tacos! We ate fast so that we could have a good amount of time for the lesson and stay within the limits of the dinner time allotment. The lesson kind of exploded though. Right when Sabrina is feeling the Spirit, she steps back and starts preaching to us about how it just can't be. Basically, it comes down to her preaching to us that she loves us, and she knows we are doing 'what is best according to our knowledge,' but we are sinners. She says we don't uphold the 10 Commandments because we go to church on Sunday instead of Saturday. Visiting with her, I have learned that the best answer is ALWAYS to testify, especially about the restoration. Nothing more and nothing less.
   We both love her so much! She really is so kind but it is so hard when she won't really listen to us. I know that the moment she does read the Book of Mormon, she will come to know that it is the Word of God.
   For now we are a little stuck though. Francisco would love to have the lessons in Spanish but that wouldn't work for Sabrina. The problem is when we teach in English, it is so hard to focus on Francisco especially because he understands the message better in Spanish! We are praying for a solution. I have hope that the Lord will guide us! 
   This week we had a miracle with a less active family! I love this family so much already! They are the Rojas family. Sister Walton and her former companion randomly tracked into them one time and they speak Spanish! Sister Rojas is a convert as of maybe 2 years ago. She said right after her baptism she got frustrated by people always dropping by to see how she was doing. Which, because we did not have her number, we have been doing. Ha, ha!
   On Wednesday we stopped by and talked to her 13 year old son AJ. We told him that we had a 15 minute Easter Message to share with his family. When he went to go relay the information to his mom, we heard him say, "The missionaries are here and they said they have a 15 minute Easter Basket to share with us." Sister Walton turned to me and said, "Did he just say a 15 minute Easter Basket?" Well, we set up a return appointment with them and of course, we brought with us an Easter Basket we made out of paper. Yea for being crafty!!
   Well, we taught them the third lesson THE GOSPEL using the BECAUSE OF HIM video :D They loved it! We now have daily contact with them and are trying to help them reach their goal of reading scriptures daily together! Can't wait to be meeting with them some more!
   As a Spanish speaking missionary you see random funny patterns. Between Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we met / taught three different Francisco's! But this is the best news ever, because it means we are finding Spanish Speakers!! 
   One of them is a family from Sprague! A place we always joke about visiting, but haven't done so because we thought there weren't any Spanish speakers there. Some of the BEST missionaries in the Zone are working Sprague. A TINY little town of 435 people. (Thanks Dad for looking up the population for me). They just opened up the area for two sisters to work. Amazing things are happening there. Every other week they have church in a member's home out there and then the other week they travel the 30 minute drive to Cheney. 
   Well, the amazing sister out there started teaching a 17 year old out there and her parents only speak Spanish. Both the Sister Missionary and her Ward Mission Leader felt impressed to call us in to teach. MADE MY WEEK!! We met the Dad on Saturday and will be heading back Wednesday. Miles wise, we will have to be creative in how to get there.
   These next three weeks our Mission President has asked us to focus on finding new investigators! It is amazing, we had 3 different sets of missionaries call us in 24 hours telling us they knew some Spanish speakers they felt impressed to hand over to us. I AM SO GRATEFUL!! 

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